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Say goodbye to dehydration and hello to refreshing, clean hydration. With Dynafors, you're one step away from achieving your health and wellness goals with our wide range of quality products!



Yes! It is made of Eastman Tritan material, which is BPA-free.

Yes, it is shatter-resistant and wear-resistant for durability.

Yes you can use it near water! Dynafors Bottles have an IPX5 waterproof design to prevent damage from water exposure.

Dynafors Bottle doesn't leak during use. They have a 100% water-tight seal to prevent leaks.

With a 2-hour charge, it provides an impressive 1 month of use with a usage pattern of three times a week.

One quick tap initiates a 30-second mixing session, and it autonomously shuts down for your ease.

Long press to display the battery level.

Double click for non-stop mixing. To stop mixing and turn it off, click once while it's on.

The size of the Dynafors water bottle is 2.2 liters.

The size of the Dynafors Essential Storage Container is 200 ML.

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What our customers say

One of my boxing teammates recommended this, and it's just awesome!!

I used this about twice a day. It hasn’t once died. product ktir powerful w ktir effective. The battery lasts a long time. I have charged it a couple times, just in case, but it has never indicated on its own that it needs to be charged or noticed any slowness in the blending process. The plastic bottle is also very easy to clean.

Loads of features in this bag! I love it!!

“ This is a must, not just for mixing things, but it also looks really appealing when drinking water. I take it with me everywhere, every time. Love it! “

“ Got this protein shaker for my boyfriend, and he has been very happy with it. He said it changed his gym routine by saving him time with his pre-workout. Easy to use, clean, and recharge fast. Super happy, big thank you guys! “

“ This thing is great. Make sure to follow instructions for best results (water first then powder; otherwise it clumps). Great for single scoops of protein powder. 3anjad thank you so much ! “